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As COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns continue, businesses are seeing unique challenges that are impacting the operations of many organizations. We want to communicate our commitment to business continuity while at the same time, ensuring the health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees.

At WDCS, we have processes and infrastructure in place to provide uninterrupted  business and support for your continued operations. You can rest assured our commitment to you remains unchanged. WDCS’s employees have always supported its customers. We trust that dedication will continue in these unusual circumstances.

In addition to government mandates, we have modified our day-to-day business operations and closely follow the recommendations set forth by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We believe these measures will help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, keep our people safe, and your business running.

Much of our business interaction with our customers happens in person; we have taken actions to educate our visiting staff on following the recommend measures for hygienic care and social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Please continue to utilize your regular assigned support contact options, and remember, you can always request support and supplies, 24x7, through your dedicated customer portal.

Together we will withstand this.

We thank you for your support.

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